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  Hi, I'm Alan Davidson. Somebody has to be.








Here's some bumf about me:


  • Have been a Hypnotherapist for over twenty years and have always enjoyed my work - I think it's a great life helping people and hope that I can keep doing it until I drop.
  • Have recorded 21 CDs and aim to create a lot more over the next few years.
  • Over the years have been featured on BBC radio, a number of smaller stations, and on TV.



  • Creator and writer of the Chrysalis Advanced Hypnotherapy course; also write CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses for the Hypnotherapy Society (before setting up on my own I was the Society's Director of CPD).
  • Write for - a massive Website for articles on, well, just about anything!
  • Recently I've been working on a book about the emotional side of cancer - it's designed as a self-help book, but it will need a lot more work before it's ready.
  • I write hypnotherapy scripts for the largest download site of its kind.



  • Still see clients, and am happy to talk to you about therapy if you feel it would help you - 01202 423111.       Or email:



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Alan Davidson:

UK:  01202 423111   (Outside UK: 44 1202 423111)