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Achieving depth in a hypnotherapy essay

What turns a good essay or case study into an excellent one?

There are a number of things that can be done to achieve this, but the mark of excellent work perhaps more than anything else is depth.

How do you give your work depth?

Behind every bit of information there is a deeper bit of information. For example, you could write in an essay on stress about muscle tension and be given credit for it. You could, though, go one step further and use the key question words to give your work depth. The key question words are usually:


Secondary question words are usually:


So let's say that you look at the tension issue, you might use the above question words to ask:

  • Why would the muscles get tense?
  • How does this help the person?
  • How can it cause problems?
  • What can a person do to get over this?
  • What role does the mind have in this?


How these questions help

These questions might help you conclude that muscle tension equips us for 'fight or flight' so that we can confront the danger or run from it: great if you are in physical danger, but of little value if you are seeking to do, say, a report at work.

Further, having looked at the options for treating this, you might conclude that Hypnotherapy can help through promoting relaxation, encouraging thinking that increases calmness, and addressing underlying issues that might cause tension.

Finally, with the last question - the role of the mind in tension - you might conclude from your studies that we consciously or subconsciously create tension through the type of thoughts we have, and if we can change our thoughts (one of the main roles of Hypnotherapy) we can, to a large degree, change our feelings.

So instead of writing an essay with the long list of symptoms of tension with which we are all familiar, you can explore the roots of anxiety and its resolution. This will give your work much greater depth (and you a greater understanding). Makes it a lot more interesting, too, doesn't it?


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