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Was Mozart talented? It seems the answer must be 'yes'. But what if that isn't true?

What if Einstein was no more able than you or me? Is there a secret that these people had - and what is it?


There are lots of things that you can do to learn and achieve your goals, but perhaps the most important thing is to recognise certain facts about learning and performance (for which there is a ton of evidence) and act on them.

I would suggest you read the interesting and enlightening book by Colvin, 'Talent is Over-Rated'. It dispels many of the myths about talent, and leaves you wondering if there is such a thing at all.

Colvin's book explains why some people can do things so well while others with the same amount of practise are nowhere near as good. (The secret is something called Deliberate Practise).

There is another equally-good book by Daniel Coyle - 'The Talent Code' (which also undermines our traditional view of why some people do so well). Do read one book - or even better, both.

If you read these you will find out, for example, what Tiger Woods does that makes his golf perhaps the best in history, how a child of ordinary musical ability can learn in six minutes what it takes another a month, and how an amazing school takes kids who have done poorly and turns them into real winners.

Use this knowledge and it really will help you become efficient in your study and set you up to be a great Therapist.

They're both interesting and fun books to read; and they'll change the way you think about yourself. They'll also tell you how Mozart really did it.

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