A successful practice - and light-bulbs

 ‘Those light-bulbs should see us out,’ I said to my partner the other day.

‘Not me,’/em>she replied,‘I intend to live to at least 110.’

‘They’ll still see you out,’ I replied, ‘each light-bulb lasts for over 50,000 hours.’ (At one hour a day usage that's over a hundred years and she's a bit older than 10).

We were buying some of those LED bulbs. Not the eco type, but the ones that use the same light-source as most new torches use. But they cost over £10. Each. So who would be mad enough to pay that much for a light-bulb?


You may wonder why a skin-flint like me would shell out hundreds of pounds for a couple of dozen bulbs. The simple answer is they give about 30% return per annum – a lot better than putting money in the bank. So, apart from being much greener than eco-bulbs (which certainly don’t give you 50,000 hours usage), they are also considerably more cost-effective.

But this article isn’t about LED light-bulbs – it’s about another good investment (although do get some bulbs, please).

The world’s most expensive booklet?

When I started as a hypnotherapist some twenty-plus years ago, a very experienced practitioner was selling a ’How to run a practice successfully’ booklet. Each page cost about £1. At that time it was a ridiculous price to pay. Who would be mad enough to pay that?


Because from those pages I learned how to cut my Accountant’s bill, how to give effective talks, and how to get more clients than virtually anyone else in the area, etc, etc. And while other therapists struggled for work, I found myself getting busier and busier.

That booklet was expensive CPD (Continuing Professional Development) material. I didn’t really think of it like that at the time, but it was about developing as a successful therapist. But I did more...

Russian Tutors and Tapping Your Meridians

I did a lot more CPD than that. Apart from being an obsessive reader and so increasing my knowledge through home-study, I also studied for a degree. In addition I attended courses on such topics as: design, the ‘Publisher’ program, and the therapeutic use of language. I studied anxiety until I couldn't relax, learned about phobias until I was frightened just hearing their names, and researched depression until I could see no point in carrying on (with the research).

I studied with funny tutors, interesting ones, eccentric ones - even a difficult-to-understand Russian guy who proved that some ideas are best kept within national borders.

I tapped my meridians with EFT, accepted myself with TFT (Thought-Field Therapy), and went on Happiness courses until I was unbearable.

I learned such things as: how to get more work, how to produce better brochures/ business cards, and how to help more clients. It was fun; I met new people, made good contacts, and developed as a person.

Very occasionally I didn’t put into practice anything I’d learned on a course, but the rest of the time I went away with something truly valuable.

CPD made my work more rewarding; without it I might have eventually left the therapy world and done something else. Instead, I've been a therapist for well over twenty years and hope my last words will be,‘Tell me about your childhood – and then call an undertaker.’

When possible I still attend CPD courses, but now spend a lot of time producing them for others – including you - so I hope you will take advantage of them.

The HS now runs practice-building workshops, and there are some therapy courses available right now, with plenty more in the pipe-line. Do book one now; CPD is obligatory for HS members, but the courses are also a great investment - a bit like my light-bulbs.

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