Hypnotherapy - are you seeking it?



If you are in the Bournemouth area the best thing is to give me a call: my number is 01202 423111. I will be very happy to discuss any issue with you.

If you would like to know more about me please go to my 'About me'  page.

As a therapist with over twenty years experience I feel confident that I can help you with most problems. If I feel that you would benefit from some other approach I shall be happy to suggest how you might do this.

I offer potential clients a free, introductory consultation where we can meet and talk about the issue in more detail.

Please understand that your confidentiality will be respected and we shall use a treatment approach that will be agreed with you.

You can see from this site that I also teach, and I am proud of the number of therapists out there who have been students of mine. But I also take a huge amount of pride in my work, and want you to do well.

So please, just give me a call for a chat: 01202 423111.



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Alan Davidson: hypnoad@yahoo.com

UK:  01202 423111   (Outside UK: 44 1202 423111)